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to my project

Hello, My name is Meital and I'm the founder of the Create Awareness project and this is my son Eli. The reason behind this project and my inspiration.

This project comes from the bottom of my heart. It comes from the hunger to educate and create awareness about Invisible Disabilities; meaning disabilities that can’t be seen like autism, depression, ADHD - the list is endless.  People with Invisible disabilities behave differently and are often misunderstood and judged like my son Eli.

I realized that when people knew that my son has a disability their interaction with him was different. They were more compassionate, kind, patient and they judged him less.  I understood that educating people is the clue for a change, so through messages on our shirts, we’re inviting people to think twice before reacting or judging someone who behaves differently. 


Kids and adults with special needs are real warriors and fight every day to overcome challenges. I invite you to be part of this Create Awareness project and begin to see with your heart.


I truly believe that when we know better, we do better.

Let's Create Awareness together!

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